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Everyone has an aim in life. Without any proper aim no one can grow in life. My aim in life is to become a good teacher. Educating little children is a real blessing. I shall teach in a school and give my students the gift of knowledge. Children are the future of our country. Being a teacher I would be able to bring happiness and laughter in the lives of these little flowers. There are many children who do not know what to do in their lives. I would guide and help them to learn and become good citizens of the country. I want to teach in such a way so that students can follow their dreams. Becoming a teacher would mean shaping the lives of others. I believe a good teacher is a challenge and can bring about changes in the life of many.


Notes to Children
You can create more essays/paragraphs based on the above, like:
1. What is your idea of a good teacher
2. How do teachers shape the dreams of children
3. The importance of having an aim in life
4. The teacher who changed my life
5. Why we must respect our teachers

Always try to include something more to make your essay different from others.

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Honey Notes: My Aim in Life to Become a Teacher - Essay in English

My Aim in Life to Become a Teacher - Essay in English

The Choice of A Career The Career like Most The Choice of A Profession The Profession would Like to Choose "Aim not only makes a difference to one's life but it also differentiates one from all." Aim in life is very important. It shows what man wants from life. Aim guides the unguided trains the untrained and makes life a purposeful blessing of God. People adopt aims according to their own tastes and temperaments. In my opinion, the best are those who earn the pleasure of God and the payers of the people. "There are two things to aim in life: first to get what you want and after that, to enjoy it." Planning is the essence of life. It helps to achieve the set targets. To choose a career in life is very important. There - are many professions so the choice of a career becomes very difficult. However, one is able to pick the best. The same happened to me when I wanted to choose a career for myself. I had many professions before me like medical, law, journalism and teaching. After a long consideration, I decided that teaching was the most suitable profession for me. So, I have decided to be a Professor of English. "Aim in life is the only fortune worth."

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