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Benefits From Using The Internet

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What is the Internet? The Internet is the mechanism or matrix that connects networks around the world to each other and is generally referred to as the World Wide Web.
Since the conception of the Internet, those who are not afraid to learn or try something new have benefited greatly in many ways. Businesses as well as individuals reap the benefits from using the Internet on a daily basis.
Since the invention of IP, or in other words, Internet Protocol (Microsoft), it has become just as easy as calling someone via telephone to connect to a network or database and obtain the information desired. To make it easier to understand, the IP number is referred to sometimes as the telephone number since this is how computers recognize who is who. Something else is called TCP, or in other words, Transmission Control Protocol (Microsoft). Basically, TCP breaks the information up into packets in order to send and receive information more easily through the Internet connection.
First, in order to be able to use the Internet, one must meet certain requirements. Although different systems and/or operating systems can connect to the Internet, we will focus on the IBM personal computer that needs at least Windows 95 running. A modem or router device is needed to actually make the connection to your service provider. There are different types of connections depending on how much one wishes to spend and the speed of the connection desired. A service provider is also needed who is someone that provides a server foundation for one to connect to and then from there connect to other servers, computers, or databases.
Next, the service provider also assigns an e-mail address that is used to send pictures, files, or just text back and forth. E-mail stands for electronic mail and is essentially that. This e-mail address consists of a user name designed by the user and once determined that there is not already one existing in the service provider’s customer base, @ or what is referred to as at, and the service provider’s server domain. I will use as an example of this since most people have heard of American Online as a service provider. One’s service provider uses the user name and a password for security reasons to identify his or her customers.

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Depending on the package that one pays for, there are also personal web sites where one can upload personal information for others to see.
Personally, communication improves between friends and family by using the Internet. Some of the personal benefits include email; live chat, chatting can be done either by typing or actually talking with the proper program installed and headset; and video conferencing. Shareware or freeware is software that one can download for free. There are software programs that through using an Internet connection one can accomplish communicating live with friends and/or loved ones as well as see when their friends and/or loved ones are online. By sending e-mails, you save money by not using paper, envelopes, or stamps.
In addition, by tapping into the enormous online resources, one can find out or investigate pretty much anything he or she desires. One can shop for the best airline ticket fares or purchase a wide variety of products available with the use of a credit card. One can, with participating banks and/or credit card companies, see account balances, and pay bills online.
Commercially, companies may also benefit by properly utilizing what the Internet has to offer. With the proper connection, live virtual-business meetings may be held from two or more locations anywhere in the world thus saving on travel expenses, time, etc. With e-mail, written communication becomes easier and files may be sent containing pertinent information. Purchasing agents can look for pricing on components needed, new suppliers, it is even possible to connect to suppliers in some circumstances to see availability, shipping information, etc. An example of this being used successfully is “Goodyear North American Tire, for example, has streamlined order management, linking its 12 manufacturing locations through its distribution centers to its dealer network. Its "extranet" allows dealers to look up real-time product and marketing information, including price checks, inventory levels and order status. The company now has 3,000 of its 4,000 dealers and company-owned outlets on the system. Delivery times have been shortened. Inventory management is secure and flexible” (Mills).
Furthermore, here is another example of how the Internet may be used to benefit commerce. "Corporate e-learning is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the education market," says KPMG Consulting. "E-learning is moving out of the early technology phase into a more mainstream business market. "As well as connecting employees through e-learning, companies can also link up with partners, suppliers and customers, KPMG adds. "Huge benefits will accrue when content flows seamlessly - often over mobile networks - throughout industry value chains" (Fisher).
The world keeps getting smaller due to the technological advances such as the Internet that allow one to communicate and learn at a faster pace.

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