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Hooray! It’s midterm season! I’m sure all of you are little bags of anxiety and stress. You’re all probably up late studying for your next exam or writing your paper that’s due at midnight, and you just started on it.

I know midterms are stressful, believe me. Just last week I procrastinated to the last minute on a seven page paper with seven scholarly references. My body absolutely hated me for it. I got little sleep within those 24 hours of stress and caffeine, but it felt good to finally turn that paper in. You can trust me when I say I am right there with you guys.

This week I don’t come here with advice on how to survive midterm season. I’m sure you all have your ways and practices. You don’t need to hear me tell you how to do things when you probably have shit down to a science.

What I do have is a set of music videos I highly recommend playing in the background as you study/write, freak out, drink coffee, and study/write some more.

I know when I write or study, I cannot listen to music with any kind of voice singing because I start to focus on the voice more than my work. I do want to listen to something because I know music helps with concentration. This is why I listen to instrumental music. There are no words, but I still get the boost of concentration and feeling like I have a goal to accomplish.

My favorite instrumental music I listen to is a couple of videos made by my favorite YouTube artist AJ Rafael.

AJ’s music is very chill and relaxing by itself, but these videos are even more relaxing because it’s purely piano.

The first video, Homework Piano Medley (perfect title right?), is a medley of his entire album Red Roses. I adore this album, so hearing it on piano is a real treat. The second video is a Disney song medley. Even if you aren’t familiar with AJ’s work, I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to your favorite Disney tunes set to piano.

I have a playlist of these two songs on my YouTube account just so I can listen to these songs on repeat. It really gets me into the studying mood. I’ll leave the videos below, so you can start listening to these songs ASAP. Then you can start smashing through this midterm season!

I hope these videos help you conquer your midterms as much as they’ve helped me! xX

"Homework" Piano Medley

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