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How long will the review process take?

This is in the Developer FAQ. It takes anywhere between 1 and 10 days. We attempt to review all plugins within 5 business days of submission, but the process takes as long as it takes, depending on the complexity of your plugin.

What will my plugin URL be?

Your plugin’s URL will be populated based on the value of in your main plugin file (the one with the plugin headers). If you set yours as then your URL will be and your slug will be for example. If there is an existing plugin with your name, then you will be and so on. It behaves exactly like WordPress post names.

Once your plugin is approved, it cannot be renamed.

I made a mistake in my plugin name. Should I resubmit?

Please don’t! Instead email and we can rename your plugin as long as it’s not approved. Since we check emails first, the odds are we’ll catch it. If we don’t, just email us and explain the mistake. We’ll explain what to do.

Why was I told my plugin name was unacceptable?

This is explained in detail in our detailed plugin guidelines, but currently we give you the chance to rename it during the review process if the plugin name violates the guideline. Some terms (like “plugin” and “WordPress”) will be removed for you, as those should not be used at all. We get it; you’re a WordPress Plugin.

Regarding the names and trademarks of other companies and plugins, don’t use them at the start of your plugin name. If you’re not Facebook, you shouldn’t submit a plugin that uses  as the first term in your slug. “Facebook Like Sharer” (which would be ) is not acceptable, but “Like Sharer for Facebook” (which would be ) would be alright.

StudyPress is an elearning authoring tool. With this plugin you can easily create multimedia learning content and publish it as slides in your wordpress pages and posts. It can manage courses, lessons and quizzes.

With the help of StudyPress you can easily turns your WordPress into a powerfull learning management system.

For more details please visit our web site :

– Create an unlimited number of courses, lessons and quizzes
– Buddypress integration
– Share lesson, quiz and quiz result on social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter and buddypress)
– Drag and drop functions that makes easy the creation of lessons and quizzes
– Quickly add wordpress media to lessons
– Visualize lessons and quizzes in a professional player
– Visualize lessons and answer quizzes in a full screen mode
– Integration of glossaries and tags for lessons and quizzes
– Multi teachers support by integrating wordpress author user role
– Teachers rights management
– Timed quizzes
– 2 types of quiz (multiple choice and Unique choice)
– Automatic correction of quizzes
– Automatic quiz reporting for teachers
– Students can rate lessons and quizzes
– Support of multi criteria ratings
– English and French support
– A contextual help for teachers

  1. Install StudyPress either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server
  2. Activate it
  3. That’s it. You’re ready to go!
How I can include a lesson or a quiz in my web site?

StudyPress offers several ways to integrate lessons and quizzes on your web site

1- To include a lesson on a post, you have to click on the publish button in the lessons or quizzes list, and a post will be created automatically.

2- If you want to integrate a lesson or a quiz in a page you can copy the short code, present in the created post and past it in your page.

3- Since a course is a set of lessons and quizzes, you don’t have to integrate it in a page or a post. You have just to add it into your site menu as a menu element. Go to “Appearance” -> “Menus” -> “Course”, check your course and click “Add to Menu”.

If you have not activated yet the course option in the menu dashboard, you have to go to “Dashboard” -> “Appearance” -> “Menus” -> “Screen options” -> and check “Course”

Stay Away from this Plugin


After an plugin delete, StudyPress leaves 14 database artifacts which you will have to manually try to remove. The error message is: Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails by “Plugins Garbage Collector.”

These coders need to do their homework by first not degrading the environment.


looks promising but…


Has the potential to be a great plugin but…I want to create e-courses from powerpoints. So I created a course, added lessons and added the ppt to the lesson and published. Added the shortcode and viewed the course.
Looks good, but only gives the option to download the ppt – why would i want to share the content? I want users to only be able to view the slides.

On another note, the author’s site is dead and there haven’t been any updates for over a year, so I wonder if there is any support?

Doesn't work. Period


Go to Courses
Quick creation of Course – enter everything
Click Validate (why validate? i am trying to create course, right?)

result – 0 is an invalid number

very informative, i never even entered a number

plugin looks like a garbage

It is not recognizing the administrator user.


The plugin has some conflict with wordpress because it is not recognizing very well the administrator user. For one time it appeared in my Admin Menu and I could have limited access to create Class title, but not as a admin user. So, I could do nothing. I couldn’t edit courses.

I deleted the plugin and installed it again. Now it does not appear on my admin menu.
I took 3 o 4 hours to see what was wrong. I deactivated many of my plugins, but it didn’t solve the problem.

I liked the concept of this plugin, but it is not working.

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