Gifted Student Case Study Example

Gifted Child Case Study

A Gifted Child. Often, when people meet Malcolm, they comment on how much he seems to know and how grown up he is for his age. He has a deeper understanding of subjects than most children his age and speaks to adults as though he is an equal. He has interests that are unusual or more like the interests of an older child. He is constantly thinking and asking questions that are difficult to answer. He often seems to drift off into his own little world, ignoring what’s going on around him. Malcolm is seven years old and is highly gifted.


Malcolm attends an ordinary school and is in an ordinary classroom. He has a wonderful teacher who tries hard to keep him challenged. His parents constantly worry about learning becoming boring for Malcolm and that his real potential may not being recognised. They try hard to find resources and support to help nurture Malcolm’s gift.

A Popet® eWorkbook,Think About Pets was presented to Malcolm as an alternative to homework. We observed that Malcolm’s responses displayed exceptional thinking skills. We also observed evidence of higher order thinking in Malcolm’s responses to the open ended tasks. Malcolm seemed to have an endless supply of ideas that he shared with us each time we printed an eWorksheet for him. He was surprised that these eWorksheets did not require a quick easy answer, which is usually the case with his homework. The Think About Pets eWorkbook seemed to challenge Malcolm with a focus on thinking rather than an answer to a question.

Malcolm learns things quickly and has a lot of knowledge about a lot of things. With this eWorkbook he was given the opportunity to apply this knowledge.


Thinking comes naturally to children and 
Popet® eWorksheets nurture good thinking. Simply click one of the eBook covers below to access your age appropriate Spot in the Popet® Learning Shop.



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