Narrative Essay About Journey To Cox Bazar

First Time Journey to Cox's Bazar and Saint Martin

Ah! Finally got a nice blog to share my traveling experience. Well, it was my first time journey to Cox's Bazaar and Saint Martin. Here we go...

It was 2010 when I was studying my Bachelor Degree of Textile Engineering at Pabna Textile Engineering College, Pabna. Like every year the institutions authority arranges a nice tour program for the final year students which is sponsored by Ministry of Textiles and Jute, Bangladesh. By the way, I cannot exactly remember the date of the tour but I remember it was November of 2010 when I was in 4th year of my engineering course.

Total 45 students were the member of the tour along with our 3 respected teacher and 3 other stuffs of college. First we started our journey from campus premises before evening. Noted that, we used our college bus for the whole journey and it was very comfortable to us.

Then we went to Dhaka and at the morning we reached a Chittagong. Before that, we had several journey breaks for dinner and some other purposes.

By the way, reaching Chittagong at first we visited the Mazar of Baized Bostami and then visited Potenga beach in Chittagong town.

Then we started journey by our bus to Cox's Bazaar. We decided to visit Safari Park at the Chittagong-Cox's Bazaar road but as all of us were very tired for the long journey, we postponed the schedule for Safari park. Although we were not able to visit the Safari park finally!

Well, reaching Cox’s bazaar we stayed in a cottage as per our previous booking. And at the afternoon we went to visit local market and the sea beach as well.

From the next day, we went to beach and took bath several times, played football in the beach and enjoyed so so much with all of my friends and teachers.

I remember there were nice photo shooting using our friends excellent camera that helps us to remember the nice moments even today.

After enjoying a lot at Cox's Bazaar, we went to Teknaf to go to Saint Martin by Launch. It was a pleasant morning when we went to Teknaf and went to Saint Martin.

We stayed one night on Saint Martin and I personally loved Saint Martin more than the Cox's Bazaar.

Finally, we come back to Pabna on the 8th day of we started our journey. It was really an excellent time with my friends. Thanks.

Told By: Iqbal

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Cox’s Bazar sea beach is very attractive tourist destination of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar sea beach is situated between river Bakkali and Bay of Bengal. It is the longest sea beach of the world. Total area of Coxs Bazar sea beach is 125 kilometers. Smooth sandy and gentle slope look very beautiful. It is very preferable place where visitors like to bath under the open air. Wide range of tide of Bay of Bengal touches the heart and offers a full breathing with fresh air on the sandy area Cox’s Bazar sea beach. The feeling is amazing and there is no word to express. It’s fantastic, playing with water and sand, taking picture on the sea shore.

Cox’s Bazar named after Lieutenant Cox who had rehabilitated here many people during British rules after conquest of Arakan by Burmese in 17th century. Cox died in 1978 in Cox’s Bazar.

Visitors see high rise waves of Bay of Bengal by standing on the sands of Conx Bazar sea beach. Attractions of Cox’s Bazar sea beach are driving along with sea beach, viewing sun setting and golden ligh on the sea water, moonlit night and tradition of this area. Visiting sea beach will not complete if leave without riding speed boat, riding horse, playing football, taking photos of natural beauty as well as yourself. Visitors collect snail, peace of small stone from the seashore and enjoy sea beach traditions. There are more attractive palces near Cox’s Bazar sea beach are Himchhari, Sonadia Island, Ramu, Moheshkhali, Teknaf and St. Martin.


Cox’s bazar beach

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is located about 150 kilometer from Chittagong town. Visitors can go from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar by bus, air and launch. Cox’s Bazar is a district of Chittagong division of Bangladesh. There are many tribal people living in Cox’s Bazar district those who have their own tradition and life style. There are many attractive religious and historical events make the city colorful and joyous to tourists.

Himchhari, located 18 kilometer south of Cox’s Bazar sea beach, is a nice place for picnic & movide shooting. The broken hills and waterfalls here are unique spots. Another attraction is the Christmas trees. Ramu is about 10 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar on the main road to Chittagong, is a Buddhist village and boasts a number of Buddhist temples (khyangs) existing statues and images of Gautam Buddha in gold, bronze and other metals inlaid with precious stones. The most beautiful among the khyangs is the one near Bakkhali on Tiger Canal. The khyang houses relics and Burmese handicrafts and a 10-feet high bronze statue of Buddha resting on a 6-feet high pedestal. The wood carving of this khyang is very delicate and refined.

Cox’s bazar sea beach photo

Sonadia is a crescent shaped island about 7-km north-west of Cox’s Bazar sea beach. The area of the island is about 9 sq km. Its western coast is sandy and is rich in different kinds of shells. Every winter thousands of fishermen camp here and make large hauls. The island is a centre of the dry fish industry. Another attraction of the island is the sight of game birds migrating here in great numbers during the winter season. Maheshkhali, also an island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar sea beach, has an area of 268 sq km. A range of low hills, about 300 feet high, stretches through the centre of the island and along its eastern coastline. On the top of the hills is famous Hindu temple, the Adinath Temple, which becomes a place of pilgrimage during the month of Falgun (March). The coasts of the island on the west and north form a low-lying tract that is fringed by Mangrove Forests.

Teknaf is a small township on the NAF river at the end of the hilly region. It is 80 kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar and is a beautiful place facing Myanmar across the Naf. One of the major attractions of Teknaf is the journey by BOAT or sampan. A picturesque hilltop resort has also been developed at Teknaf. The town and its surrounding areas provide outsiders an opportunity to see the people and culture of the Arakan and Magh communities.

St. Martin’s Island, named after a British Governor, the country’s only CORAL island, is situated in the Bay of Bengal about 100 kilometers off from Cox’s Bazar sea beach and 8 km south of Teknaf. Local people call the island Narikel Zinjira (coconut rows) since coconut trees grow in large numbers in the island. The area of the island is about 9 sq km and different varieties of shells and mother of pearl such as conch shells, spanish drill and Cowries are plenty here. Living corals can be seen about 20 feet deep into the transparent water around a part of the St. Martin Island named Chhera Dip, which becomes detached from the island during high tide. Flying fish, dolphins and sea tortoises are also often seen in the water around the island.

Cox’s bazar sea beach football photo

One of the frequently visited site in Teknaf is Ma-Thin’s well at the compound of Teknaf upazila. Ma-Thin was the daughter of the Magh king. Accompanied by many of her friends, she used to come to the well, the only one of its kind in the area at that time. Dhiraj Bhattacharya, the officer-in-charge of the police station and a handsome young man, fell in love with her. He wanted to marry her but the king initially did not agree to the proposal because Dhiraj was a Hindu and a Magh girl was not supposed to marry outside her community. The king, however, could not refuse his daughter and her lover and finally gave his consent. The message reached the father of Dhiraj at Kolkata and made him furious. He, in turn, stressed that a Hindu could not marry a Magh girl and recalled his son through a telegram urging him to return to his ailing father. Dhiraj left for Kolkata promising Ma-Thin that he would return very soon. Ma-Thin waited for him for months. At one stage, she stopped believing that Dhiraj would ever come back. Despite the insistence of her parents, relatives and friends Ma-Thin did not take any food or even a drop of water until she breathed her last. The well still remains as a memorial to this great story of love and a tragedy that has its origin in differences in culture and religion.

Cox’s bazar sea beach bath photo

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is located on the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar road and just 50 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. Tourist can see wild animal by bus, jeep or on foot near by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. Animals elephant, lions, Bengal Tigers, crocodiles Bears, Chitas and many different kinds of birds & moneys. If you visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach do not forget to vist Banglabandhu Shikh Mujib Safari Park.

Many hotels, guest house and motels are available in Cox’s Bazar for local visitors and foreigners. Five star hotels, four star hotels and three start hotel are available nearby cox’s bazar sea beach.

Tourists can buy Oyster, Snails, Pearl and other ornaments from seaside or shopping center nearby Cox’s Bazar sea beach. This kind of cheaf shopping is also another attraction of Cox’s Bazar sea beach.

Cox’s bazar sea beach visitors photo

There is a domestic airport in Cox’s Bazar named "Cox’s Bazar Airport". Foreigners can go Chittagong Airport from any destination of the world then they can go Cox’s Bazar by domestic flight.

Cox’s bazar directly connected with Dhaka city by road. Visitors can go Cox’s bazar by bus from Dhaka and other places of Bangladesh, bus stations are in Saydabad, Arambagh, Mohakhali, Santinagar, Gabtoli, Komlapur of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sandy coxs bazar sea beach picture

Cox’s Bazar weather is mostly tropical monsoon, high temperature, heavy rainfall, humidity and general seasons variations. The climate of Cox’s bazaar sea beach area is similar to any other part of Bangladesh. As a costal city some time its affected by bad weather but the administration gives awareness locally. Cox’s Bazar and sea beach area rain fall is about 4.258 mm and maximum temperature is 34.8 degree c. and minimum is 16.1 degree Celsius.

Cox bazar sea beach

Cox’s bazar beach is not only hot tourist spot to Bangladeshi people but world wide tourist also. Cox bazar beach as a longest and sandy beach attracts tourist home and abroad. During word cup cricket in Bangladesh the government promoted cox’s bazar sea beach video and cox’s bazar sea beach photos world wide throught media, it was a positive initiative to hightlight image of cox’s bazar sea beach. Local and foreign investors can invest to build different facilities near cox’s bazar sea beach to have more beautiful cox bazar sea beach.

beautifull sea beach in Bangladesh images


Bangladesh cox bazar sea beach is located in Chittagong division. Best time to visit Cox bazar sea beach in Bangladesh from March to November. Foreigner can go directly to cox bazar airport from any where of the world.
Any tourist can take cox’s bazar sea beach picture by professional sea beach photographer. Beach photographer will deliver cox’s bazar beach picture within few minutes, some photographers will deliver cox bazar beach photo to the tourist hotel room in the evening or next day. Do not forget to take image of cox’s bazar sea beach and around areas to have an photo gallery in your life as a memorable tour. Really coxsbazar beach is very wonderful beach in the world. But coxs bazar beach is not well developed to attract foreign Visitors. With development of the sandy sea beach in Bangladesh, there are many opportunities to earn huge foreign currency. Many people can get job to provide coxes bazar sea beach base services. It is important to take immediate action for infrastructural development of coxs bazar sea beach. As we have world longest sea beach but will be benefited if the cox bazaar beach get international standard.


We are waiting to see to include cox bazar sea beach in the longest sea beach in the world list. Bangladesh sea beach was in the a place during new7 wonder of the world completion but finally it was drop from the final completion. There is no sea beach like cox’s bazar sea beach with length of 125 km but they are getting hundred thousands tourist every year.

Bangladesh government and different organization made many cox bazar sea beach video to promote its beauty to the world. There are many www or pages on cox bazar beach in Bangladesh but most of them do not meet the demand of visitors due to lack of information. Beach cricket or beach volleyball can be arrange in the cox’s bazar sea beach to promote its world wide. Though now local people playing volleyball, cricket, etc in the coxbazar beach sandy area.
How long cox’s bazar sea beach?
Sea beach of cox’s bazar is 125 kilometer long.


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