How To Start An Essay On Discrimination

How to Write a Discrimination Essay

Things You Can Discuss in Discrimination Essays

Discrimination is a serious issue that is unfortunately rampant across the globe. It can occur anywhere, on the road or even in office. In the world of employment, workplace discrimination poses a serious problem. If you need to write a Discrimination Essay, one possible topic that you can base your essay on, is workplace discrimination.

Before beginning your essay you should be aware of the types of discrimination and what they include. For instance, workplace discrimination includes illegal hiring and firing, harassment towards those on the job, denying employees their promotions or bonuses and paying unfair or unequal salaries or wages.

You should also be aware of the laws and statutes that protect people from discrimination. An essay on workplace discrimination could discuss the different policies that have been created to protect employees. For instance, your Discrimination Essay could discuss the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

Types of Discrimination

One possible topic for an essay on discrimination is the different types of discrimination. You could even focus on one particular type of discrimination and base your entire essay on it. Some types of discrimination are:

1. Age discrimination
2. Gender discrimination
3. Religion discrimination
4. Disability discrimination
5. Marital status discrimination
6. Citizenship discrimination

If your essay was on workplace discrimination, you could discuss how employers should not discriminate on the basis of age, provided the employee is over the legal age for employment. You could also talk about how it is illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of sex and how employers may not fire or harass employees because of their religion. You can even talk about the laws that protect individuals with disabilities from being discriminated against in the workplace and so on.

Topics for Essays on Discrimination

Besides employment discrimination, there are a lot of other interesting topics that you could write Discrimination Essays on. You can research essay topics or take a look at the following topics:

1. What is discrimination?
2. Homophobia
3. Harassment
4. Types of workplace discrimination
5. Employment discrimination and government regulations
6. Examples of gender discrimination
7. Examples of sex discrimination
8. Examples of racial discrimination
9. What is gender discrimination?
10. What is sex discrimination?
11. Workplace rights
12. The effects of discrimination in the workplace
13. Gender discrimination in hiring
14. Discrimination of homeless people
15. How to pursue an HIV/AIDS discrimination lawsuit
16. Discrimination of the handicapped
17. Gay discrimination in the workplace
18. How to report workplace discrimination

Discrimination Essays are important topics to write on. You must ensure that you carry out the right amount of research to do this type of assignment justice. If you need help, you could look at an essay writing service to get some valuable advice and guidance on writing such an essay. You could even buy an essay on any essay length if you feel you do not have the time to write one yourself.

Discrimination essay

Usually, a discrimination essay should cover a serious theme like education, racism, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or gender. In a word, discrimination is when people judge other people by the physical appearance. The human psychology is a complicated thing, because it turns to be that some people feel that this kind of judgment brings them fun. For some people pointing out other’s imperfections bolsters their self-esteem.

To write a successful discrimination essay, follow some instructions below:

You need to define a topic that bothers you the most and makes you feel a sense of injustice. Well, almost all the themes of that kind would make you indignant, but try to find something close to you and your words will sound the most sincere.

Now you have to start looking for the facts and statistics that would serve to support your views. Use Internet or books to find helpful information. Looking through the sources you will find, jot down the ideas

Remember that you have to use only the reliable sources, like books and scholar articles. Also do not forget to cite all the sources properly on your works cited page, unless you will be blamed in plagiarism.

You have collected all the necessary background information, and now you need to formulate your own opinion about it and express it in the most accessible way. Read the material carefully and define the main aspects, the reasons of discrimination and provide a historical background.

Try to identify the weak arguments and restate them. The best way to make your essay unique is to define what exactly the other writers have overlooked or expressed incompletely. Think about the ways to remove all of their uncertainties and explain it in your own words.

  • Strong introduction is a half the battle.

Introducing your essay, you have to grab the readers’ attention. Try to describe the issue in a single sentence, and that would be your thesis statement. The first paragraph serves to bring the basis of your further arguments.

Each of your argument should be in a separate paragraph. You have to provide at least tree argument to prove your thesis. Express your own thoughts and don’t forget to back up your essay with appropriate examples from your sources to support the claim. If you can explain the idea in simple words, use a simple statement. Dividing an essay into paragraphs is important because it is exhausting to read a wall of text and your reader will give up in the middle.

  • Conclude the essay with a call to action or a proposal. Imagine that you appeal to the whole world and want to convey your views of justice to each of the people. A good essay is the one that sticks to reader’s memory.

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