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Name: Comwave Institute of Information Technology
Address: Taj Plaza, Near PSO Pump, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
Mobile: 0345 5647099, 0312/0334 5343894
Phone: 051-2287258-9
Email: info@comwave.edu.pk
Website: comwave.edu.pk
Description: Comwave Institute of Information Technology 
FacultyPrograms Offered
Engineering & TechnologyB-Tech (Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Telecom , Civil)
Management SciencesB.Com, BBA, MBF, BBS, PGD in Mgt Sc., M.Sc (Economics), M.Com
Sciences, Computer Sciences & ITBS Electronics, BS Telecom, BSIT, BSCS, MCS, MIT, M.Sc Telecom & M.Sc (Electrical & Electronics)
Life SciencesM.Sc Microbiology, BS Microbiology ,Bachelor of Biotechnology
Arts, Social Sciences & EducationAD (Education),M.Ed, JDPE, M.Sc (HPE)


Name: Abbott Group of Colleges Islamabad
Address: Aayan Plaza, Islamabad Expressway ,
Service Road ,near TM CNG, Khanna Pul Islamabad.
Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology (SUIT), Peshawar, is a renowned name in the educational circles of Pakistan and abroad. It was established in 2001 through an Ordinance of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is duly recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as category W3 University. SUIT is ranked among the top ten Universities of the country in general small category, announced by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Since its inception, the University has made commendable achievements in disseminating quality education and, in a short span of time; it has become a leading institution of higher education in Pakistan. The University offers a wide range of programs from bachelor to doctoral level. These programs are executed through highly qualified and professionally groomed faculty holding MS, M.Phil and PhD degrees from renowned institutions of Pakistan and abroad.

The University is dedicated to imparting high quality education with emphasis on demand-oriented skill-development and training under excellent conditions of learning. Its educational programs are designed to enable the students and servicemen to develop skills and competence in their respective areas of specialization obtain broad-based, cross-functional education with due emphasis on developing critical, analytical and logical thinking, and knowledge of societal matters. The education is cost-based, but affordable. The University is devoted to students’ welfare and intends to provide all support and guidance in their pursuit of successful careers and jobs.


To grow as functional, globally competent, value added and research focused department.


To develop, sustain and enhance itself as a quality conscious multidisciplinary department that provides excellent academic environment and opportunity for creative productive and responsive professional both in national and international scope.


Education is indispensable and integral part of development and to perform responsibilities and endeavors in a society. Due to population explosion, scarce resources and limited opportunities, the demand of Mass Education mode has eagerly and enthusiastically felt. Keeping in view the demand and supply equilibrium Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology has introduced one of its eminent and renowned Teacher Education Programs through Mass Education mode considering fully equipped with latest system of Mass Education requirement. The initiation of this program is to prepare and provide such quality education which enables the stipulation of education meeting the requirement of 21 century. According to this education system the students are endowed with education bearing in mind modern technology. The modern mechanism of education includes books, lectures, tutors, reading material, workshop, multimedia, etc. In the light and luminosity of modern technology new methods and techniques are introduced.During its inauguration and origination the Mass Education mode started with single discipline of B.Ed but later on after successful trail and test case it expanded and extended its Programs into CT, B.Ed, M.Ed and MA Education. It is unanimously approved in current meeting of Mass Education Department senior staff considered further extension of other disciplines. Associate Degree in Education (ADE), BLIS, MLIS, BPEd / BSS and BS E & SS will be inaugurated and initiated in its coming semesters. The scope of Mass Education Program through Correspondence immensely making its pavement towards broaden its spectrum of various disciplines inclusive of CT, ADE, B.Ed, M.Ed, MA Education, BLIS, MLIS, BPEd / BSS and BS E & SS that would not end and further advances and heighten considering market demand and market niche based on demand and supply factors.

Significance of the Program

The significance and salient features of Sarhad University Mass Education Mode is profoundly and laudably contributing on different grounds.

-The main theme of Sarhad University is provision and stipulation of quality education. -The curriculum offered to the regular students would be same through which the student of Mass Education Program would be fully benefited. -There will be no difference between the degree offered to Mass Education students and regular students.: Learning while Earning Comparatively on lesser and marginal fee at the door step students would be provided tutor and workshop facilities. -Sarhad University has developed specific curriculum and has its publication, reliable, authenticated, and quality oriented matched with requirement of Mass Education Mode. -The Sarhad University, SUIT offered all its discipline under Mass Education mode well standardized and well compete locally, nationally as well as internationally based on student requirements and potential future needs. -The degree of Sarhad University is approved and recognized by the government of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission (HEC). -It is bestowed and endowed with HEC “W3” category. -In distance education one can conveniently attend his home, office and profession. -In any sort of difficulty and problematic situation instant and durable solution is provided. -Difficulty pertaining to education is every time welcomed by respective tutor. -Consistence and persistence individual attention is its laudable quality. -Right from the admission to the acquisition of degree in every stage special attention is ascertaining. -Education department is fully engaged from 9: 00 am to 5: 00 pm in providing facilitation and assistance. -Student pragmatic and realistic recommendations are source of guidance and improvement.

Mass Education Methodology

In this method of Mass Education Program teachers and students are sitting at distance. Teaching material is normally dispatched through postal services. Students get roll number and registration from university admission department. Whereas, fee is deposited through HBL nominated bank branches through online facilities student are catered. University takes care of administrative affairs and has the responsibility of issuing degree and disseminating information about degree and result. The teaching material is composed of easy and understandable language. For student’s guidance, different exercises and assignment are given to evaluate their performance. Strenuous and arduous efforts are made to enable students by making it easy to study without any external support and help. The reading material is divided into various units and chapters. Usually in single unit or chapter one topic is discussed. From one unit or chapter means completing one unit in 12 hours. At local level tutors are also provided for student assistance and guidance. These tutors are available in specific dates for student support and guidance. During the course student is in contact and having liaison with the tutor. This contact is also strengthening at workshop and during correspondence level.


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