St Bernards Barrow Head Teacher Personal Statement

Message from the Superintendent


The safety of our schools and the wellbeing of our students are of paramount importance.  Over the past week, the St. Bernard Parish School administrators have been working closely with Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann and his detectives to address several instances where students have made statements which could be perceived as threats.

In each instance, parents were notified, the incident was reported to the Sheriff’s department, and a thorough investigation was conducted by the detectives of the Criminal Investigations Bureau.  The school system will continue to partner with the Sheriff’s department and notify all parents if there are any credible threats. The Sheriff’s department is stressing a zero tolerance policy and has arrested several students for making verbal threats, even though the students may have indicated that they are only “joking.”

Parents, please help us by speaking with your children about the gravity of their words and what the consequences could be.  We, in conjunction with the Sheriff’s department,  are holding assemblies with all of our middle and upper elementary school students to stress the seriousness of the situation.  Students at the high school have already been addressed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s principal.


Doris Voitier

Superintendent of St. Bernard Parish Schools


Mia Barlow

Designated Safeguarding Person

Mrs. J. Adams

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. C. Bamber

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. L. Barton

Teaching Assistant
Seahorses Class

Mrs. G. Blezard

Teaching Assistant
Nurture Room & 1:1

Mrs. H. Cooke

Teaching Assistant
Leopards Class

Mrs. S. Diamond

Teaching Assistant
SEN Intervention

Mrs. B. Dunn

Year 3 Class

Mrs. K. Gregory-Hogarth

Year 4 Class

Mrs. H. Holden

Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Nurture Room & PPA cover

Mr. Kev Horan

Site Supervisor

Mrs. S. Ives

Seahorses Class

Mrs. K. Krytowycz

Teaching Assistant & Welfare Staff
Sharks Class

Mr. S. Leeming

Teaching Assistant
Nurture Room & Welfare Assistant

Miss C. Marshall

Sharks Class

Mrs. A. McEnnerney-Whittle

School Business Manager

Mrs. J. Milroy

Teaching Assistant
Lions Class

Mrs. A. Mitchell

Teaching Assistant & 1:1 Support
Tigers Class

Miss D. Mooney

Designated Safeguarding Person & Lions Class Teacher

Mrs. N. Parkinson

Teaching Assistant
Welfare & 1:1

Mr. G. Peace

Nurture Room Teacher

Mrs. N. Rowland

Teaching Assistant
Sharks Class & 1:1 Intervention

Mrs. D. Smithson

Teaching Assistant
Bears Class

Mrs. S. Stevenson

Early Years & Foundation Stage

Mrs. H. Sutton

Pupil Support Leader
Nurture Room

Miss R. Tidmarsh

Teaching Assistant
Early Years & Foundation Stage

Mr. R. Turner

Acting HT (Sept - Dec), Deputy Headteacher
Designated Safeguarding Person & Tigers Class Teacher

Mrs. M. Tomlinson

Welfare & Teaching Assistant
1:1 SEN Support

Mrs. J. Townsend

Business Support


Mrs. K. Wolfenden

Teaching Assistant
Seahorses Class

Mrs. A. Woolham

Teaching Assistant
Sharks Class & SEN Support (currently on maternity leave)





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